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World Refugee Day: European countries should host people in need of protection

“Every day violent conflict and persecution, environmental degradation, food insecurity and many other factors force people to flee their homes and countries. There are over 67 million refugees worldwide. Children are disproportionately affected; more than half of refugees are minors, and many of them are unaccompanied,” said Sahiba Gafarova, Chair of the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, speaking on the occasion of World Refugee Day.

“On this particular day devoted to refugees, we should draw public attention to their plight but also recall the responsibility and solidarity which lies upon those more fortunate,” she added.

“European countries should make more of an effort to receive and host people in need of international protection in a dignified way. There should be a comprehensive humanitarian, political and legal response to the refugee issue agreed at the European level. The Parliamentary Assembly will devote an entire day of debates to these questions during its forthcoming session on Wednesday 28 June 2017,” she announced.