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PACE rapporteur urges Hungary to work more closely with NGOs helping migrants

Duarte Marques (Portugal, EPP/CD), whose report on “Comprehensive solutions to the migration crisis” is due to be debated in Strasbourg tomorrow, has urged the Hungarian authorities to co-operate more closely with non-governmental organisations assisting migrants, as well as international organisations dealing with migration issues.

Mr Marques, whose information memorandum on a recent fact-finding visit to the country was made public today, also called on Hungary to “show greater transparency” in its dealings with NGOs helping migrants.

“Organisations such as the Helsinki Committee and the Cordelia Foundation were doing a good job alongside the UNHCR before the new legislation on migration was introduced in Hungary in March,” he pointed out. “Now, however, they are being hindered or even stopped from carrying out their essential jobs, whether they are specialised in legal assistance, social and medical care, psychological support, or work with children.”

“These organisations are a crucial part of the ‘comprehensive response’ to the migration crisis that is urgently needed, and they help our governments to ensure the basic rights of asylum seekers and refugees on our territories are fully respected,” he concluded.

PACE is to hold a full day of plenary debates on the topic of migration tomorrow, including the report by Mr Marques. The Mayor of Athens, as well as Sweden’s Migration Minister and the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner are due to take part.