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Second mandate as PACE General Rapporteur on Local and Regional Authorities for Luís Leite Ramos

At its meeting held on 1 June 2017 in Baku (Azerbaijan), the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Development appointed Luís Leite Ramos (Portugal, EPP/CD) for a second mandate as General Rapporteur on Local and Regional Authorities of the Parliamentary Assembly.

In the intention of promoting local and regional autonomy as a European value through various partnerships, the first year of his mandate (2016/2017) had been dedicated to strengthening relations with different Council of Europe bodies, in particular the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG) amongst intergovernmental bodies.

“In order to make a substantial contribution to preserving and enhancing local and regional authorities’ capacity of action in a globalised context, I intend to explore the effective decentralisation of competences and powers in the framework of past and ongoing territorial reform processes observed across Europe”, Mr Leite Ramos had already affirmed at an International Conference organised by the Congress in Eupen (Belgium) earlier this year. In this respect, the General Rapporteur recently initiated a report on “The role of national authorities in successful decentralisation processes” in which he wished to address the specific role of national parliaments.

For more information about the General Rapporteur’s view on the importance of promoting local and regional autonomy and his intentions in this respect for his second mandate, please see the interview given during the June part-session of the Parliamentary Assembly.