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Jordan ‘moving in the right direction’ but reforms moving more slowly than planned

Jordan is “moving in the right direction”, though reforms are advancing more slowly than planned, according to PACE’s Political Affairs Committee.

In an assessment made almost two years after the Jordanian Parliament was granted “Partner for democracy” status, the committee urged the parliament to intervene with the authorities to stop executions and reinstate a moratorium pending the abolition of the death penalty in Jordan.

Approving a report by Josette Durrieu (France, SOC), the committee also urged, among other things, that revision of the criminal code be stepped up, notably with a view to abolishing discrimination against women.

“The Assembly should definitely not abandon Jordan at this difficult time, but continue to support it as it moves towards the democracy to which it aspires and the rule of law which it is patiently building,” the committee said in a draft resolution.