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René Rouquet: 'make migration a win-win factor for host societies and countries of origin'

“Migration is an opportunity for making our societies stronger and better adapting them to the challenges of the modern world,” said René Rouquet, Vice-President of the PACE, in Lisbon today in his opening speech at the conference to launch the Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies.

“We want migration to be a win-win factor for host societies and countries of origin. We want to do this together – in close co-operation between all national, local and international stakeholders as well as civil society,” he said.

According to Mr Rouquet, the future Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies is an institutional platform for exchanging experiences.

“I therefore hope that it will quickly become a real international centre of expertise on diasporas, bringing together the European standards drawn up by the Council of Europe and the national and local experiences of our organisation’s member and partner states,” he said in conclusion.