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Pichugin and Navalnyy cases: failings highlighted by ECHR still not remedied by Russian authorities

Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ (France, SOC), PACE rapporteur on the implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, expressed concern today over the situation of Alexei Pichugin and Alexei Navalnyy, applicants in two cases lodged with the Court against the Russian Federation.

"Mr Pichugin and Mr Navalnyy both received severe sentences – life imprisonment in the case of Mr Pichugin – in criminal proceedings that were heavily procedurally flawed. I deplore the fact that the Russian authorities have still not remedied the human rights violations found by the Court in these two cases, as pointed out last week by the Committee of Ministers, which supervises implementation of the Court's judgments", said Mr Le Borgn’.

"I call on the Russian authorities to ensure that Mr Pichugin and Mr Navalnyy are granted a new trial in compliance with Article 6 of the Convention", he added. "Where Mr Pichugin is concerned, the granting of a presidential pardon would be the most rapid and effective measure to remedy the violations of the Convention. As for Mr Navalnyy, it is regrettable that his criminal conviction continues to prevent him from standing in the next presidential elections to be held in 2018, and I urge the authorities to take all necessary steps to remedy the situation without delay", concluded Mr Le Borgn’.

Implementation of European Court of Human Rights judgments:
PACE Resolution 2178 (2017)
PACE Recommendation 2110 (2017)