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Stella Kyriakides: ‘Child protection and well-being must remain our priority’

“This is the first working visit that I have made abroad as President of the Assembly, and I see it as symbolic, reflecting my determination to continue to make child protection and well-being one of the Assembly’s priorities,” today said PACE President Stella Kyriakides, at the opening of a seminar in London on “Children's mental health and child-friendly justice” (6-7 November 2017).

“We have to protect the rights of the most vulnerable on a permanent basis” she said, pointing out the main contribution of the Assembly in the areas of child mental health and child-friendly justice, including the work of the former Parliamentary network created under the ONE in FIVE campaign.

“Every contribution counts, only together can we bring about real changes in our society,” Mrs Kyriakides stressed, promoting an “open and transparent dialogue with NGOs, experts, government representatives and academics”. She underlined in particular the need of having children involved: “we need to listen and learn from children. It is important to do so, if we really want to come up with effective and comprehensive solutions,” she concluded.