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Current affairs debate on "Democracy hacked: how to respond?"

Following the proposal of Emanuelis Zingeris (Lithuania, EPP/CD) on behalf of the Group of the European People's Party, the PACE Standing Committee today held a current affairs debate on "Democracy hacked: how to respond?"

After the opening of the debate by Mr Zingeris, the following members took the floor: Tiny Kox (Netherlands, UEL); Volodymyr Ariev (Ukraine, EPP/CD); Titus Corlatean (Romania, SOC); Sergiy Vlasenko (Ukraine, EPP/CD); Alfred Heer (Switzerland, ALDE); Michael Aastrup Jensen (Denmark, ALDE); Zsolt Nemeth (Hungary, EPP/CD); Samad Seyidov (Azerbaijan, EC); Olena Sotnyk (Ukraine, ALDE) and Ingjerd Schou (Norway, EPP/CD).

Many speakers referred to the wish of the Assembly to discuss, in the near future, the growing influence of social networks in the functioning of European democratic systems.