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Credentials of Andorran delegation challenged on grounds of gender balance

The credentials of the new Andorran delegation to PACE have been challenged on the opening day of the Assembly’s winter plenary session in Strasbourg on the grounds that it does not contain at least one Representative who is a member of “the under-represented sex”, as required by the Rules.

Making the challenge, Maryvonne Blondin (France, SOC) pointed out that national delegations should include women members at least in the same percentage as in their parliaments and, at a very minimum, at least one woman appointed as a Representative. As the Rules require, Ms Blondin was supported by at least ten members present in the Chamber, belonging to at least five national delegations.

“The two men are Representatives, while the women are Substitutes,” she pointed out. “However, Andorra has said it will correct this as soon as possible.”

The Assembly’s Rules Committee will now consider the matter, and the Assembly should reach a final decision later in the week. The members of the delegation may take their seats provisionally in the Assembly until then, with voting and speaking rights.