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Morocco, 8 February 2018 – First meeting on Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies

Following the launching of the Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policy in Lisbon in September 2017, the first regional seminar of the Network will take place, at the invitation of the Moroccan Parliament, on 8 February in Rabat, Morocco.

This meeting will be dedicated to the “Prevention of migrants’ radicalisation through integration: the role of parliaments and diaspora associations”. The main topics to be addressed during the meeting will be: Cultural and religious differences in the context of integration of migrants; Role of diaspora in preventing extremism and radicalisation and Social and economic inclusion as a key element for successful integration.

This meeting aims to give members of parliaments and representatives of diasporas an opportunity to exchange views, raise issues, draw conclusions and make recommendations, and will also be a good opportunity to broaden the geographical coverage of the Network to the countries neighbouring Europe.

The Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies was founded following recommendations made in this respect, in particular in PACE Resolution 2043. It acts as a platform for political dialogue and co-operation as well as exchanging information and good practices between parliamentarians interested in diaspora-related issues, as well as with diaspora associations both at national and international levels.”