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A major role for Europe in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

“Europe should play a major role in the sponsorship and resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process,” said PACE today, at the end of an urgent debate. The Assembly considers that it is the responsibility of the international community, including the Council of Europe, to create the proper conditions to attain this goal.

PACE therefore will continue to promote dialogue between representatives of the Knesset and the Palestinian National Council – in particular in the framework of the Sub-Committee on the Middle East and the Arab World – making available its own experience.

While deploring the declaration of the President of the United States on 6 December 2017, PACE underlined that “the status of Jerusalem should be decided by common agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians”, in a resolution adopted on the basis of a report by Titus Corlăţean (Romania, SOC).

The Assembly reiterated its support for two legitimate aspirations: “Israel’s right to be recognised and live in security, and the Palestinians’ right to have an independent, viable and contiguous State”, and for a “two-State solution, based on the 1967 borders”.

The adopted text called on the Israeli authorities to stop the building of new settlements and the extension of old ones, cease all home demolitions, forced evictions and confiscation of land in the occupied territories, including in East Jerusalem.

PACE also called on Palestinian forces to conclude, without further delay, the reconciliation, already announced several times, between Fatah and Hamas, based on the Quartet principles, thus enhancing the credibility of the Palestinian side in the negotiations with Israel, and to cease support for those imprisoned following convictions for terrorist acts and their relatives.