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Addressing the humanitarian needs of internally displaced persons

Within Europe, more than four million persons are displaced inside their own country due to armed conflicts and violence. And their humanitarian needs and rights, PACE Committee on Migration said today, need greater attention and concerted efforts to reduce their suffering.

Adopting a draft resolution, based on the report prepared by Killion Munyama (Poland, EPP/CD) the parliamentarians underlined that the deportation or forcible transfer of civilian population is a crime against humanity. According to the Committee, member States should recognise and enforce the human rights of IDPs in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights and other international treaties, while responding to their humanitarian and social needs.

Judgments by the European Court of Human Rights concerning IDPs, the Committee said, should be implemented fully and without delay, and national policies be carried out to protect those forced to live, sometimes for long periods, in another part of the country than their homes.