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Michele Nicoletti: ‘We must develop a morality of governance’

“We must spare no efforts to eradicate corruption from our political systems, and develop a ‘morality of governance’ that merits the respect of our citizens,” said PACE President Michele Nicoletti, speaking today at the 4th European Symposium on Ethics and Governance, organised by the Law Faculty of Cergy-Pontoise University (France), in co-operation with the OECD. He added that there could be no just society without upholding the highest standards of integrity.

“When political parties, parliament, public administration and the judiciary, are under the shadow of corruption, they cease to be regarded as responsive to people’s needs,” Mr Nicoletti said.

He recalled that the Council of Europe has developed legal instruments and policy guidelines – a normative framework for the member States – but also monitors and supports their implementation, thanks to its monitoring body, GRECO – the Group of States against Corruption.

Evoking his initiative on ‘academic networks’, which would strengthen the fight against corruption, he suggested that the OECD join forces with the Council of Europe to set up an academic network on the Conventions against bribery and corruption.

In June 2017, the Parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution on “Promoting integrity in governance to tackle political corruption”, based on a report prepared by Mr Nicoletti.