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Urgent debate on allegations of corruption within the Assembly

Adopting its final agenda this morning, the Assembly decided to hold urgent debates on the “Follow-up to the report of the Independent Investigation Body on the allegations of corruption within the Parliamentary Assembly” and on the “Copenhagen Declaration, appreciation and follow-up”. The parliamentarians decided also to hold a current affairs debate on “Europe's role in peace-making initiatives in Syria”.

During its plenary session, the Assembly will also look at states of emergency and derogations from the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as fighting organised crime through the confiscation of illegal assets, the funding of the terrorist group Daesh, and the legal challenges and human rights obligations of hybrid war. A joint debate will address the issues of protecting editorial integrity and the status of journalists.

The Council of Europe’s role in Libya and a report on the humanitarian needs of internally displaced persons are also on the agenda, as is a report on climate change and implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The Foreign Minister of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” will address the Assembly and answer questions. PACE members will also hold an exchange of views with the Secretary General of the Organisation and the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers.