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Nikola Dimitrov: ‘we are determined to make it’

Nikola Dimitrov, Foreign Minister of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, has told parliamentarians in Strasbourg of a “new positive momentum” in his country as it emerges from political crisis and seeks EU membership.

“I can say with strong confidence that we have achieved a real breakthrough, progress that we can be proud of,” he said, citing positive assessments from the EU and others. “The situation in the country has turned in a positive direction.”

Mr Dimitrov listed the steps his government was taking to build good relations with neighbouring countries, reform the judiciary and the intelligence services, improve media freedom, fight corruption and foster inter-ethnic integration, among other things.

Referring to the name issue, he added: “Now we are trying to resolve an issue as old as the independence of my country in 1991, in a way that will cover the most important requirements in both Athens and Skopje."

“These process cannot be developed overnight. And we are far from perfect, but we have a genuine will to make it,” the Foreign Minister added.