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Committee calls for academic network to fight corruption

PACE’s Political Affairs Committee has called on academics and scholars throughout the Council of Europe area to come together in a trans-national network to combat corruption, and encourage implementation of Council of Europe Conventions in this field.

The idea was proposed by PACE President Michele Nicoletti, who last year prepared a report for the Assembly on promoting integrity in governance to tackle political corruption.

In a statement adopted during a meeting today in Athens, the committee said the Council of Europe –thanks to its broad expertise in the field and in particular the work of its anti-corruption body GRECO – could play a “strategic role” in supporting the work of governments to combat corruption through such a network.

“This academic network can be a powerful mechanism to share knowledge, support community building and encourage scholarship and innovation in the fight against corruption,” the committee said. “Promoting a strong alliance with the world of culture, schools and universities will be instrumental to promoting integrity and tackling corruption at all levels and in all our institutions.”

The Athens Public International Law Center has offered to be a partner and “engagement platform” for such a network.