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Integration policies concerning migrants and refugees should take into account the gender dimension

Council of Europe member States should ensure gender sensitivity in the design and implementation of all integration policies for migrants and refugees, the Equality Committee said. Because of the role they play within their families and communities, the committee is convinced that investing in the integration of migrant and refugee women means creating a solid basis for the inclusion and integration of future generations.

Adopting a draft resolution based on a report prepared by Gabriela Heinrich (Germany, SOC), the committee wants to promote migrant and refugee women’s empowerment and to ensure that they benefit from the protection provided by international legal treaties.

European governments, the text underlines, should raise migrant and refugee women’s awareness of their rights, among other things, including as regards access to education and work or participation in social, economic and cultural life, as well as encourage initiatives aimed at empowering migrant and refugee women by developing their self-confidence and by protecting them from negative social control.