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PACE President welcomes the end of the Turkish derogation in time of emergency under Article 15 of the ECHR

"The formal notification by the Turkish authorities to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on 8 August, is to be welcomed," PACE President said. "Turkey has since the failed attempted coup d'etat in 2016 faced, and continues to face, major challenges to the rule of law, democracy and human rights, and the lifting of the state of emergency in July and the formal notification of the end of the derogation under the ECHR earlier this week, are both positive steps. However there remain major concerns," she said, "including the security law of 25 July which replaced the ending of the state of emergency, and the consequences of many of the measures taken after the failed coup d'etat, such as the arrest and ongoing detention of members of parliament."

The President of the Assembly reiterated that the Council of Europe, its Venice Commission and Parliamentary Assembly would be ready to provide advice and assistance to Turkey to ensure that the steps it takes, as it moves forward from the consequences of the reprehensible attempted coup d'etat two years ago, are fully in line with Council of Europe standards.