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PACE committee to weigh proposals related to Assembly rules on ‘participation rights’ of national delegations

PACE’s Committee on Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs is to prepare a report covering “proposals relating to the challenge or reconsideration of credentials and/or to representation and participation rights of national delegations, as well as regarding the voting rights of members and the voting procedures of the Assembly”.

The committee, meeting today in Paris, appointed Petra De Sutter (Belgium, SOC) to prepare the report, which is due to be discussed by the committee on 20 September, leading to a possible debate by the Assembly at its autumn plenary session in October.

The report follows a process of internal reflection over the last year on “the role and mission” of the Assembly in which national delegations, political groups and members were invited to submit ideas and proposals to an ad hoc committee set up for this purpose.