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Call for respect of confidentiality of journalists’ sources

Lord George Foulkes (United Kingdom, SOC), General Rapporteur on media freedom and the safety of journalists for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), today expressed his concern regarding a Kyiv court’s decision to grant the Prosecutor's General's Office access to text messages, calls and locations from the phone of journalist Natalie Sedletska, editor-in-chief of the TV investigative programme “Schemes. Corruption in detail”, and a Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty investigative reporter.

“Investigative journalists play a fundamental watchdog role in our societies, as they look into corruption or the misuse of power,” said Lord Foulkes. “Their work is based on a variety of sources, and they have the right to keep these sources confidential. This is a standard established by the European Court of Human Rights, and I call on the Ukrainian authorities to ensure that journalist Natalia Sedletska’s right to keep her sources confidential is respected.”