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Possible changes to PACE’s Rules of Procedure dominate autumn session

“Our session will be largely dominated by the debate on possible changes to our Rules of Procedure. The question facing us is whether our rules and our procedures – as they stand – enable our Assembly to perform its functions effectively or if they need to be adapted to new realities, or strengthened,” the PACE President said at the opening of the PACE autumn session in Strasbourg.

“Let us remember that we are pursuing a common goal – that of keeping the Continent unified around a common political and legal framework for protecting fundamental rights – and each and every one of us must, within its specific roles and institutional prerogatives, contribute to attaining it,” Liliane Maury-Pasquier said.

In this context, she recalled the importance of dialogue between the statutory organs – the Committee of Ministers and the Assembly – which, according to the President, “is more necessary than ever.”

“The right response to any crisis is to pull together and work side by side in a constructive way,” she concluded.