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'Human traffickers cannot act with impunity'

“Human trafficking has been identified by the Council of Europe in several reports as a growing phenomenon throughout Europe, often in relation to refugees and asylum-seekers who are among the most vulnerable potential victims of traffickers and organised crime,” said Vernon Coaker (United Kingdom, SOC), on the occasion of the European Day against Human Trafficking (18 October).

Mr Coaker, who is preparing a new report for the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons on concerted action against human trafficking, emphasised:

“Member States must do their utmost to ensure that human traffickers cannot act with impunity. This is a moral and legal obligation for governments, parliaments and the courts. We cannot turn our backs on the immense human suffering caused every day by forced labour and the sexual exploitation of refugees and other vulnerable persons in our countries, without becoming complicit in these modern forms of slavery.”