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No to discrimination in access to employment

The right to work is a fundamental right and the Council of Europe has repeatedly shown its commitment to respect for this right and for the principle of non-discrimination in this area. Yet discrimination in access to employment remains a real problem in member States, whatever the ground of discrimination at issue, PACE Committee on Equality said.

Following the proposals by the rapporteur Damien Thiéry (Belgium, ALDE), the parliamentarians said States should take general measures to help to create the conditions in which unemployed persons can compete on an equal footing in the labour market. They should ensure that antidiscrimination laws fully cover the field of employment and all grounds of discrimination, and provide for easily accessible remedies for victims of discrimination in this field. According to the Committee, they should also adopt and implement integrated policies designed to promote access to employment for disadvantaged groups.

The draft resolution underlines that States must also respond to discriminatory behaviour by employers. It recommends that they legislate and implement policies to promote the use of direct tools such as anonymous CVs, unconscious bias training and diversity audits in companies; that they use indirect means such as employment subsidies, diversity labels and imposing a public sector equality duty; and that they support initiatives of public and private companies aiming to promote diversity and convey positive messages about diversity in society.