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Targeted sanctions for perpetrators of serious human rights violations

The Assembly today reaffirmed its commitment to the fight against impunity of perpetrators of serious human rights violations and against corruption as a threat to the rule of law. It recalled that four years after its resolution on the murder of Sergei Magnitsky, the Russian authorities have harassed the victim’s family and his former client, William Browder, instead of holding to account the perpetrators and beneficiaries of the crimes committed against Mr Magnitsky and disclosed by him.

The adopted resolution, based on the report prepared by Lord Donald Anderson (United Kingdom, SOC) recalls that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States have adopted “Magnitsky laws” to enable their governments to impose targeted sanctions. According to the adopted text, the most recent such instruments cover “any and all perpetrators of such violations enjoying impunity in their own countries”.

The parliamentarians called on all Council of Europe member States to consider enacting legal instruments enabling their government to impose targeted sanctions on individuals and affiliated companies reasonably believed to be responsible for serious human rights violations “for which they enjoy impunity on political or corrupt grounds”.