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Following massacre, rapporteur urges international action against Boko Haram terror

“My thoughts are with the more than 30 000 inhabitants of the city of Rann in Nigeria, who became victims of forced displacement through the brutal attacks of Boko Haram terrorists, which killed more than 60 innocent people last week and burnt large parts of the city to the ground. Compelled to leave their homes in order to escape death, these persons need the help of neighbouring states as well as member States of the Council of Europe,” said Fabien Gouttefarde (France, NR), PACE Rapporteur on the protection of victims of forced displacement under international law.

“These terrorists act as mercenaries, paid and armed by highly organised criminals, using international money transfers as well as cross-border purchases of weapons, cars and other equipment. It is a global humanitarian obligation to combat these criminals and bring them to justice. No state should aid or abet such ethnic massacres, but every state should co-operate closely in order to stop this immense human suffering.”