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Committee urges greater aid for Africa to head off migration crises

PACE’s Migration Committee has urged Council of Europe member States to extend development co-operation with Africa to provide hope of “a viable future at home for people who would otherwise migrate to Europe”.

In a draft resolution based on a report by Pierre-Alain Fridez (Switzerland, SOC), the committee said investment in education, health, social and cultural community-building would also “empower more stable countries to manage the arrival, reception and integration of migrants from conflict or poverty-affected neighbouring countries”, and could – in the longer term – also contribute to a measure of demographic regulation.

Countries should place the emphasis on “sustainable programmes for education, health services and infrastructure”, with the understanding the results “may only be tangible in the long term”, the parliamentarians said. They should not place conditions on this aid, such as returns on investment or access to markets and resources.

The Assembly will debate the report in due course.