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Culture and heritage are important assets to strengthen democracy

The PACE Standing Committee, meeting in Paris, has stressed the importance of culture and heritage in sustaining local and regional economies, improving co-operation with communities and strengthening democracy in Europe. “Decision-makers in the public and private sectors should be sensitive to the value of cultural heritage, 'an asset for European economies and societies', and widely apply the Council of Europe Faro Convention locally,” the parliamentarians said.

Adopting a resolution based on a report by Lord Alexander Dundee (United Kingdom, EC), PACE made a series of proposals to member States and to local and regional authorities to maximize the useful contribution of culture to their policies.

The Assembly also recommended that the Committee of Ministers support Council of Europe programmes in the fileds of culture and cultural heritage – including technical assistance programmes - and improve co-operation with the EU through the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage and the new Agenda for Culture.