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Forum on "The democratic participation of diaspora"

The PACE Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies will hold its Annual Diaspora Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, on 10 June 2019.

The Forum will focus on "The democratic participation of diaspora" and provide a opportunity for diaspora associations, high-level officials and experts to discuss and develop proposals on how best to promote the democratic participation of diaspora, with a focus on integration, voting rights and citizenship.

The discussion will result in a set of recommendations on ensuring the political integration of diaspora communities into their host countries, while also preserving and fostering democratic engagement with their countries of origin.

Another central aim of the Forum is to consider how Council of Europe member states can harmonise their approach to the voting and citizenship rights of diaspora communities to create a more even playing field for their democratic participation.

The event will also recognise the outstanding contributions of European diaspora associations through the announcement of the 2019 winner of the European Diaspora Prize. The winner will be selected from the following nominees: British in Europe; The Platform of Women of the Congolese Diaspora of Belgium and The Ukrainian Society in Switzerland.