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PACE ratifies Spanish delegation’s credentials

Following the opinion adopted by its Committee on Rules of Procedure, the Assembly today ratified the credentials of the Spanish parliamentary delegation.

In its opinion, the committee noted that the Spanish Parliament had appointed a provisional delegation where the main political tendencies are represented, and the fact that there are vacant seats implies that members of certain political groups in the minority, “currently not represented in the delegation, would be able to join it”.

Bearing in mind the assurances given by the Spanish Parliament of its intention to modify the composition of its delegation “as soon as possible”, the committee considered that “there are insufficient grounds not to ratify the credentials of the Spanish delegation”.

Rule 7.2 states that “if the committee concludes that the credentials should be ratified, it may submit an opinion to the President of the Assembly, who shall read it out in the plenary sitting of the Assembly or the Standing Committee, without debate”.