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PACE committee’s response to corruption report detailed in new assessment

A new report just published has listed the follow-up given by PACE’s Rules Committee to the conclusions and recommendations of the Independent Investigation Body (IBAC) which looked into allegations of corruption within the Assembly.

For some members of the Assembly, but also some INGOs, the IBAC report – published in 2018 – “allows the Assembly to turn a page, but probably not to close the book”, the committee suggested in a progress report.

The committee listed the actions it has taken using powers under the Assembly’s Code of Conduct to sanction individuals named by the three-strong IBAC panel, and the procedure it followed, as well as its response so far to specific recommendations made by IBAC.

While noting the serious overall response to the IBAC conclusions, and the significant progress made so far, the committee said further changes to the Assembly’s regulatory and ethical framework should be considered to ensure the Assembly meets its declared aim of “zero tolerance” for corruption.