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The committee is deeply concerned regarding the detrimental effects Climate Change

"The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights is deeply concerned regarding the detrimental effects Climate Change might pose to the universal principles of the Rule of Law and the respect for fundamental human rights.

The political, legal and social architecture of the world has rested on the assumption of natural stability, at least when it comes to the earth atmosphere. This stability is now confirmed to be increasingly volatile. The consequences are most certainly dire for the established structure and balance within and between states as we recognize today. The time has long passed since policymakers could in any respectable way, systematically ignore the human rights complications of climate change. The respect for third-generational human rights is long overdue as the environmental condition on Earth has been, is and will be the fundamental factor in dictating the quality of human life.

We firmly believe that a state which strongly adheres to the principle of the rule of law, is considerably better equipped to respond to environmental crisis from the principle of environmental justice, compared to states who are considerably weaker in that regard. For that reason, we stress that the threat which climate changes poses to the rule of law must be assessed in order to enable states and international actors to take counterbalancing measures and strengthen their very own infrastructure. In order for states to implement and practice effective measures aiming to minimize environmental harm and at the same time promote and protect fundamental human rights, states need to be fully aware and prepared for the challenges which the consequences of climate change might expose them to."