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For adequate protection and support for victims of terrorism

Stressing the need for a more systematic approach to protecting and supporting victims of terrorism, and regretting that a number of legal instruments have not been implemented, PACE has proposed to member States a set of measures concerning the recognition of the status of these victims, specific support at national and international level, as well as co-operation with civil society.

By adopting a resolution today, on the basis of the report by Marietta Karamanli (France, SOC), the Assembly called on member States to officially recognise “victims of terrorism” in a universally agreed legal framework as a special category of victims, and to identify their needs as distinct to those of victims of ‘ordinary’ crime. It is essential to inform them of their right of access to justice and the conditions of compensation, and to provide them with adequate medical, psychological and social assistance, the parliamentarians said.

With regard to supporting victims of terrorism at international level, the Assembly invited member States to implement Article 13 of the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism on “Protection, compensation and support for victims of terrorism”, as well as the Revised Guidelines of the Committee of Ministers on this issue.

Finally, the adopted resolution recommends that the EU Centre of Expertise for Victims of Terrorism co-ordinate its activities with the Council of Europe, and encouraged the EU, in consultation with the Council, to adopt a European Charter on the rights of victims of terrorism.