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A more proactive approach to protect the victims of natural and man-made disasters

It is estimated that 200 million people will be displaced globally by 2050 because of climate change. And the human mobility and displacement due to this degradation require a better response, the Assembly said today. Council of Europe member States should therefore take “a more proactive approach to the protection of victims of natural and man-made disasters” and improve disaster preparedness mechanisms, both in Europe and in other regions.

Adopting a resolution based on a report prepared by Marie-Christine Verdier-Jouclas (France, ALDE), the parliamentarians called for specific measures at local, national and international levels, notably raising the resilience threshold of local communities, improving national disaster response and management capacity, and enhancing the legal protection of refugees in the context of environmental migration.

Disaster risk reduction should be integrated into sustainable development and management policies, they said. Furthermore, international legal developments, such as the 2009 African Union Convention for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa (Kampala Convention) may serve as an example to follow in relation to the obligation to protect persons displaced for environmental reasons.