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Easing the effects of labour migration from eastern Europe

European countries should work together to reduce the negative aspects of people leaving eastern Europe to work in the EU or western Europe – such as “brain-drain”, dwindling populations, falling social security contributions and social problems within families and communities.

Approving a report by Ionut-Marian Stroe (Romania, EPP/CD), PACE called for concerted action by both sending and receiving countries to “alleviate the negative impact of labour migration on the countries of origin, while doing everything needed to preserve the positive aspects”.

Measures could include upping support for families left behind in countries of origin – particularly any children – and providing clear information on the opportunities and risks for migrant workers, as well as steps to help those who wish to return home.

For their part, receiving countries should do all they can to stop “unofficial” labour migration, while helping migrant workers who come officially to integrate more fully.