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Preserving Jewish cultural heritage

 In order to improve the protection and preservation of Jewish heritage sites, PACE has proposed a number of guidelines to member States concerning strategy and policy design, implementation at local level, educational value and co-operation at European level.

“Jewish cultural heritage forms an integral part of the shared cultural heritage in Europe and its preservation is therefore the responsibility of all”, the parliamentarians said, adopting a resolution based on the report by Raphael Comte (Switzerland, ALDE). “By ensuring the survival of these Jewish sites such as historic synagogue buildings – most of which have been neglected – the collective memory is also preserved, and this helps to raise young people's awareness of their history and culture, while promoting intercultural dialogue and social cohesion,” the adopted text underlines.

Finally, PACE invited the EU to co-operate with the Council of Europe to set up a mechanism for monitoring the state of Jewish heritage preservation, and to introduce an award for outstanding volunteer work on this heritage preservation.