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After another week of revelations in Malta, PACE rapporteur renews call for Prime Minister’s immediate resignation

After another week of revelations in Malta, Pieter Omtzigt (Netherlands, EPP/CD), PACE rapporteur on the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, has strongly reiterated his call for Prime Minister Muscat to resign with immediate effect, pointing out that shocking testimony now exists which “directly implicates the Office of the Prime Minister in the murder plot”.

In a statement issued today, reviewing recent events, he said: “There must be a prompt and effective investigation of the allegations that members of his office were implicated in the murder and its cover-up. By clinging to office, Muscat risks undermining the investigation and doing yet further damage to Malta’s national institutions and international reputation.”

In the document, Mr Omtzigt cited three pieces of “shocking testimony” to Maltese courts from Melvin Theuma, the alleged middleman, which “directly implicated the office of the Prime Minister in the murder plot and raised issues that involve also Prime Minister Muscat himself”.

He also pointed to evidence from Yorgen Fenech, the alleged mastermind of the murder, that Keith Schembri – until recently the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff – kept him constantly informed about the investigation, and noted that Prime Minister Muscat has admitted he continued to exchange text messages with Fenech after he became a suspect.

Mr Omtzigt added: “On a more positive note, the independent public inquiry finally begins its work today – more than two months after the deadline set by the Assembly. I look forward to its examination of the wider circumstances surrounding Daphne’s murder and whether through action or omission, state actors and officials may have played a part.”

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