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Six national delegations challenged on ground of gender-balance have their credentials approved

 The credentials of six national delegations, challenged at the opening of the session on grounds of gender-balance, have been approved.

The credentials of North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland were challenged on the ground that they failed to meet the condition laid down in an Assembly rule that national delegations must “include the under-represented sex at least in the same percentage as is present in their parliaments”.

However, in a draft opinion the Assembly’s Rules Committee said that “only a failure to meet the requirement that there must be at least one woman representative in each delegation can form the basis for a challenge to the credentials submitted”, citing a different rule.

The committee said this condition was “most certainly very limited where it comes to the fair representation of women” and could legitimately be considered “unsatisfactory”. It said it should be invited to prepare a report on this question.