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Igor Dodon: 'the Common Home remains a project that inspires and mobilises'

“Despite the uncertainties, the European project of the Common House remains a project that inspires and mobilises”, said Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova, addressing the Parliamentary Assembly today.

“We must be aware that, whatever the national specificities and the languages spoken, we must act only together, for the values that we share and for stability based on co-operation, human rights and the rule of law. This is the way to strengthen European stability and security,” he added.

For the Republic of Moldova, Mr Dodon said, the impact of belonging to the Council of Europe for 25 years has been “an important step in strengthening the cause of democracy”. This has been felt through “a whole series of significant transformations – from the reform and adjustment of the constitutional normative framework, to the creation of institutions and the formation of a new mentality”.

The accession to the Council of Europe, he underlined, has played “an important role in initiating and carrying out, sometimes with difficulty, the transition process towards the consolidation of the rule of law: a state based on the rule of law, on respecting, guaranteeing and promoting fundamental human rights and freedoms”.

Over time, Mr Dodon stressed, the Council of Europe has become a catalyst for democratic change in the Republic of Moldova. “We consider that, despite all the difficulties that our country encounters in forming a modern rule of law, the Republic of Moldova can count on the support of the Parliamentary Assembly to achieve the objective of concluding the monitoring procedure,” he added.