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A new co-operation project with the Parliament of Morocco, PACE Partner for democracy

The Assembly has been co-operating closely with the Parliament of Morocco for ten years now, in the framework of the Partnership for Democracy created by PACE (Resolution 1680 (2009)) for the benefit of non-member countries and in the framework of various specific projects for the southern Mediterranean region.

In order to continue this cooperation, and thanks to a voluntary contribution from Norway to the Action Plan for Morocco, the Assembly prepared with the Parliament of Morocco a series of activities for their members and staff members, between October 2019 and September 2020.

A series of two-day seminar on the role and place of the Council of Europe in the European and world arena and on its activities in the three areas of its priorities: democracy and the rule of law, human rights and equality and non-discrimination has been prepared, thanks to the contribution of colleagues from different Council of Europe bodies and directorates for Moroccan staff members. During this seminar particular attention is paid to the presentation of the role and activities of the Parliamentary Assembly and of the co-operation between the PACE and its partner Parliaments non-member countries.

In this context, staff members from the Chamber of Representatives of the Parliament of Morocco participated in a Seminar which was held in Strasbourg on 4 and 5 November 2019 and staff members from the Chamber of Councillors of the Parliament of Morocco will participate in the same type of Seminar on 18 and 19 February 2020. This second seminar will also be joined by a group of staff members from the Parliament of Jordan, thanks to the funding of their participation by the South III Program (2018-2020), a joint programme with the European Union.

Within the framework of this co-operation project, a Parliamentary Conference on Ten Years of the Partnership for Democracy with PACE is also planned for June 2020, in co-operation with the PACE Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy. More information on this event and on the results of this project will be provided in the coming months.