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Swedish delegation comes top for voting at PACE in 2019

Parliamentarians from Sweden, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria voted most often in plenary debates of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) during 2019, according to statistics made public today.

A “league table” of the participation rate of national delegations, appearing in an annual survey prepared for the Assembly’s Bureau, shows that Sweden’s six-member delegation cast just over 83 per cent of the maximum number of all possible votes across the year, the best record.

Other national delegations with high voting turnouts included Liechtenstein (2 members, about 73 per cent of all votes), Switzerland (six members, about 70 per cent) and Austria (six members, 66 per cent).

The figures show a very slight decrease in the participation rate in plenary sessions (51.34 per cent) compared to the previous year. 18 national delegations - out of the 46 that made up the Assembly last year - registered an average participation of less than 50 per cent.

The statistics also covered the participation of members of national parliamentary delegations in plenary sessions and committee meetings.