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For a modern contraception accessible to all

All types of modern contraception, including long-acting reversible contraception “should be accessible and affordable for everyone”, irrespective of their sex, social or national origin and any other status, and should be “accompanied by reliable advice and information”, the PACE Standing Committee said today.

The adopted resolution calls on European governments to introduce comprehensive sexuality education as part of all school curricula and ensure that age-appropriate sexuality education “is mandatory for all pupils, and that children cannot be withdrawn from it”. All modern methods of contraception, including emergency contraception without prescription, should be “made available to the public, including in rural and remote areas and to marginalised and vulnerable groups”, and the affordability of contraceptive methods ensured.

The Standing Committee also adopted an addendum to the report by Petra Bayr (Austria, SOC), which emphasises that policies in response to the pandemic should consider the gendered aspects of the crisis. “Sexual and reproductive health and rights should be prioritised, and adequate resources should be allocated,” the text underlines.

The addendum calls on European governments to consider access to contraception, including emergency contraception, and maternal healthcare before, during and after childbirth, as “essential healthcare services to be maintained during the crisis", and to take "all necessary accompanying measures to guarantee the provision of and access to such services”.