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Srebrenica: what can we do to bring justice to the victims?

"Europe and the world commemorate the genocide in Srebrenica 25 years ago. We parliamentarians must ask essential questions: what have we done and what can we do to bring justice to the victims of these crimes against humanity? And what could prevent future massacres intended to force people to leave their homes and their homeland?", declared Fabien Gouttefarde (France, ALDE), rapporteur on the protection of victims of forced displacement under international law.

“International law has moved in the right direction, but we see that this is not enough. On the contrary, millions of people are forcibly displaced in Africa and the Middle East today, and millions of Europeans remain displaced in Council of Europe member states. The victims and survivors of Srebrenica and other places of mass massacres remind us that more needs to be done at different levels, including by our member states, "he concluded.