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Kyrgyzstan: Dame Cheryl Gillan expresses concern at unrest following elections

Dame / Cheryl / Gillan / United Kingdom

The Chair of PACE's Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy, Dame Cheryl Gillan (United Kingdom, EC/DA), has expressed concern at the unfolding situation in Kyrgyzstan.

“I am concerned by the news of mass unrest and street violence in Kyrgyzstan following the parliamentary elections on 4 October, which the opposition parties have claimed were rigged. With reports that one person is dead, nearly 700 people injured and that protesters broke into parliament, government and other official buildings and appointed several 'provisional' office-holders, I understand that President Jeenbekov has accused 'certain political forces' of attempting to illegally seize power,” she said.

“The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan has enjoyed Partner for Democracy status with the Assembly since 2014. Under the terms of the partnership, the Parliament was expected to invite the Assembly to observe the elections but, unlike on previous occasions, it failed to do so," she pointed out. 

"In view of the latest developments, I intend to initiate a report in the Political Affairs Committee in order to review the situation and make proposals to the Assembly as appropriate with regard to this partnership. In the meantime, I call on all stakeholders in Kyrgyzstan to show restraint, abstain from violence and find solutions through legal ways and means,” she concluded.