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An end-of-year message from Rik Daems: stay healthy, stay safe, and let’s work together to tackle the challenges of ‘21

In an end-of-year video message, PACE President Rik Daems has extended warm greetings of peace and good health to citizens across Europe – and urged everyone to work together to tackle the coming challenges of 2021.

“2020 has seen unprecedented challenges for all of us individually, for our families, for our friends, for governments, for our parliaments. I am proud that the Council of Europe, and the Parliamentary Assembly, have lived up to those challenges,” said the President.

“In the year to come, the challenges we are facing will no doubt be amplified as the consequences of the sanitary crisis on our economies, our societies and our democracies become more visible. We will have to continue to address these.”

“The crisis has shown that we need more multilateralism – more international co-operation – than before. This is what the Council of Europe and our Assembly are all about and I therefore count on your support in 2021.”