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Round tables focus on improving parliamentary oversight of human rights in Ukraine

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The functioning of Ukraine’s system of parliamentary oversight of human rights was the subject of two online round tables on 7 and 11 December 2020, organised by PACE together with the Council of Europe’s Directorate General of Human Rights and the Rule of Law.

The events formed part of the Council of Europe’s 2018-21 Action Plan for the country, dealing with reform of the justice sector.

The first seminar, on 7 December, assessed the recommendations made in a recent PACE monitoring and evaluation report on the functioning - between 2017 and 2020 - of the Verkhovna Rada’s specialised sub-committee dealing with the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

The second, on 11 December, looked at the wider institutional co-operation in Ukraine aimed at the execution of Strasbourg Court judgments, involving officials from the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court and human rights NGOs.

Participants discussed the content and recommendations made in the evaluation report, to help clarify the role of each institution and define a strategy for ensuring Strasbourg rulings are fully implemented in Ukraine.

PACE members and experts who took part also discussed how similar oversight mechanisms operate in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Latvia.

Participants agreed on the need for clear structures, increased co-operation, greater effectiveness, and expert input during discussions among national institutions related to the implementation of human rights judgments.

A Guidelines Report, based on these exchanges, will be produced and made available shortly.