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A new brochure to disseminate PACE's work in the field of combating racism and intolerance

A new brochure compiling a series of texts adopted by PACE between 2014 and 2019 in the field of the fight against racism, intolerance, and hate and hate speech has just been published online, at the initiative of the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance. These texts take stock of the situation, but also propose a variety of measures to address it, which should be implemented by the legislators and policy makers of the member States.

Momodou Malcolm Jallow (Sweden, UEL), PACE General Rapporteur on combating racism and intolerance and author of the preface, strongly encouraged his parliamentary colleagues to disseminate the work of PACE and to report back to their own national parliaments on the outcome of debates held by the Assembly and its committees, experience of other countries and examples of good practice.

“Assembly members have the opportunity to make use of relevant resolutions and recommendations whenever domestic draft legislation is discussed and budget is allocated, which can contribute substantially to advancing the cause of equality and non-discrimination," said Mr Jallow. "In addition to parliamentarians, this compilation may be of interest to NGOs, individual activists and all those who believe in in everyone’s right to live free from discrimination,” he concluded.

Parliamentarians from all 47 Council of Europe member States work together to combat all forms of hate and hate speech in the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance, set up in 2015 in follow-up to the Assembly Resolution 1967 (2014) on “A strategy to prevent racism and intolerance in Europe”.