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Council of Europe states encouraged to engage with diasporas

A PACE committee has called for the elaboration of a European policy on diasporas, and has suggested the Council of Europe should take the lead in this work.

In a resolution and recommendation based on a report by Paulo Pisco (Portugal, SOC), PACE’s Migration Committee spelled out a series of recommendations for national governments in devising policies for diasporas, aimed at enriching cultural diversity, boosting economic development and contributing to more inclusive societies.

Such policies represented a “decisive opportunity” for economic, social and cultural development in both countries of residence and origin, the parliamentarians said. States “can benefit greatly from what diasporas can offer if they engage with them, examine and respond to their needs, include them in decision-making and co-operate with them,” they added.

The Council of Europe could contribute to this process by bringing together parliaments, governments, diaspora associations, NGOs, media and research organisations, including through the establishment of a European Diaspora Forum for exchanges between diaspora communities.

The report is due to be debated by the full Assembly at its April part-session.