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A contemporary vision of human rights for a forward-looking Council of Europe

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The Council of Europe must tackle existing and emerging threats to societies by promoting “a contemporary and comprehensive vision of human rights, including the rights of the new generation”, such as the right to a safe environment or the challenges linked to the emergence of new technologies, in particular artificial intelligence (AI).

By adopting a draft resolution on the Assembly's vision on the strategic priorities for the Council of Europe, based on the report prepared by Tiny Kox (Netherlands, UEL), the Political Affairs Committee reaffirmed its attachment to the overall priorities of the Organization: remain the pillar of democratic security, the guarantor of human rights and the rule of law, as well as the platform promoting effective multilateralism in Europe.

At the same time, the '47' should also work in the search for common responses to societal challenges that threaten the rule of law, in particular "corruption, money laundering, terrorism and violent extremism, by ensuring the effective implementation of relevant legal instruments and mechanisms, or creating new ones if necessary ”. Furthermore, the Assembly stresses the need to ensure adequate protection of elected parliamentarians and journalists.

The parliamentarians underlined the importance of the new complementary joint procedure, adopted by the Assembly in January 2021, enabling the Council of Europe’s statutory organs to act together in case of a blatant violation by a member State of its obligations under the Statute. They considered it "necessary to make more visible the meaning of the Council of Europe membership, both in terms of advantages for both a given member State and all its citizens, and that of obligations of all member States".