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‘No to a European Super League!’ says PACE rapporteur on good governance in football

“I am surprised and deeply disappointed by the announcement made by 12 elite European football clubs of their intention to launch a European Super League,” said Lord George Foulkes (United Kingdom, SOC), rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Football governance: business and values.

“This initiative, as it stands, represents everything that we strongly oppose – it is a clear case of business trampling on values. Football should be a value-driven sport with a financial model based on solidarity and fair redistribution. I therefore stand on the side of all the other European clubs – as well as fans, of course, who feel betrayed. I understand the strong reaction from UEFA, a number of European national football associations and leagues, as well as FIFA. But public authorities also cannot stay neutral when the public interest is at stake.

I strongly urge the 12 concerned clubs, and their possible hidden allies, to abandon this schism. The football family should remain united and work towards a system which will truly benefit all those involved. The ESL project must be ended now, before it triggers a mortal combat which could kill football.”