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PACE Migration Committee Chair reacts to migrant arrivals in Ceuta

The Chair of PACE’s Migration Committee has urged Spain and Morocco to work together to urgently find a solution to the situation in Ceuta, following the arrival of significant numbers of migrants there.

Since Monday 18 May 2021, more than 8000 migrants from Morocco, among them 1500 unaccompanied migrant children, have crossed the Spanish border.

Pierre-Alain Fridez (Switzerland, SOC) said: “This crisis puts huge pressure on the reception centres in Ceuta, which are unable to receive such large numbers of migrants and asylum seekers, creating conditions which put lives in danger. Unfortunately, we witnessed a similar situation in Lesvos, Greece, a few days ago, while visiting the Mavrovouni temporary reception and identification centre.”

He added: “I would urge European governments - when they are discussing the new European Union migration pact - to create further legal possibilities for migrants to cross borders for migration and asylum purposes, and to step up their efforts to prevent the smuggling and trafficking of migrants."

Mr Fridez also underlined that a more effective solidarity mechanism between European countries should be urgently put in place to relieve the pressure on front-line border countries.